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Ecommerce SEO for Squarespace Stores

Business owners who chose to host their online store on Squarespace benefit greatly from our award-winning ecommerce SEO services . Unlike other SEO agencies, our digital marketing efforts grow not only your rankings, but also your brand. We help you to scale up your Squarespace store as business partners.

Our creative content marketing and digital PR relationships allow us to build a dominating presence for your brand in your niche.

Squarespace SEO for Local Businesses

We are the nation’s leading Squarespace SEO experts with a proven track record for increasing the rankings of numerous local service businesses throughout America. Combined with our proven local SEO services, we rank your Squarespace website and your Google My Business profile for hundreds of relevant service keywords.

The improved visibility of your website in Google’s search results and local map pack increases the amount of traffic & leads you receive every day.

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100% Proven Squarespace SEO Strategy

  • We’re so confident in Squarespace SEO, we put our own site on it. As leading Squarespace SEO experts, we’ve gotten such excellent results for our clients’ Squarespace websites that we decided to put our own website on it. We don’t just talk the talk - we walk the walk.

  • Squarespace meets majority of the technical SEO requirements. The platform got a bad reputation due to perceived technical SEO limitations that no longer exist. Our team of search engine optimization experts knows how to optimize all the important factors necessary for growing your Squarespace site’s Google rankings.

  • Our Squarespace SEO clients hold dozens of top-3 rankings. Whether you’re a local services business or an ecommerce store owner who loves the simplicity & elegance of Squarespace, your website can rank well and we’ve got the case studies to prove it.

  • The key is our holistic approach to marketing your business. Digital marketing strategy employed by our team is focused on greater goals than mere SEO results. Google wants to see your business as a legitimate brand, and our mix of elite content marketing, digital PR, and technical SEO savvy positions your company as the leader in your vertical.

Your #1 Trusted Squarespace SEO Agency

Our long-term client relationships, amazing results, and glowing reviews make us the obvious choice for your Squarespace SEO needs.

Click on the icons below to read why our clients stay with us for years as their preferred digital marketing & SEO agency.

Successful Squarespace SEO Testimonials

The team at Avidon defines what a professional and nimble SEO company should be. They have significantly helped my firm with client acquisition specifically in the accounting/financial space. They helped with refining our messaging, presentation and visibility. I truly appreciate having been introduced to this group and I'm excited at the prospects and direction the firm is going with Avidon Marketing's help.

Daniel Litvin, Founder & CEO
Lalea & Black, CPA Firm in Los Angeles

The CPA firm’s website is hosted on Squarespace and ranks in top-3 for dozens of high value service keywords, including “ Los Angeles CPA firm ”, “ business management services ”, “ CPA accounting services ” and much more.

All of Avidon Marketing Groups’ efforts have almost quadrupled the amount of impressions my site makes now, often doubling the number of visitors to my site month by month. By simply improving the site structure and adding a schema, my site has shown a lot of organic SEO growth. The targeted backlink campaign, however, most definitely boosted my site’s authority.

Alexandra Bassett, Founder & CEO
Dog Savvy LA, Dog Training Services in Los Angeles

The company’s website is hosted on Squarespace and ranks in top-3 for dozens of top-level service keywords, including “ dog training Los Angeles ”, “ Los Angeles dog trainer ”, “ private dog training Los Angeles ” and many more.

Our SEO Process

Corporate-grade strategy & high-level execution allow us to generate best SEO results.

Technical SEO.png

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to all the optimization work performed on your Squarespace website to allow Google to crawl & index all your important pages.

We audit for hundreds of potential technical issues. Primary factors that prevent a website from achieving optimal search-friendliness include:

  1. Mobile site issues

  2. Slow page load speed

  3. Poor URL structure

  4. Poor internal link architecture

  5. Duplicate and/or thin content

  6. Broken HTML & XML sitemaps

  7. Misconfigured data tracking codes

  8. Incorrect or missing schema markup

  9. SSL-certificate misconfiguration

By finding and fixing these and many more issues, we prime the website for aggressive organic growth.

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the optimization of website content such as the body page copy, headings, title tags, meta descriptions, image ALT tags, and more.

In order to get the most value out of a campaign, we need to know which keywords searchers use most frequently to find products & services you offer.

We’ve developed a proprietary keyword research process that identifies the right keywords to target as part of our Squarespace SEO services. The process identifies keywords with the most impact for your existing pages, as well as uncovers new opportunities for our content marketing efforts.

Our creative writers also produce unique supporting blog articles based on existing demand. We perform exhaustive research and create informative pieces that capture your target audience’s attention. This establishes your brand as the leader in its vertical, growing long-term customer trust in your products and services.

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Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to link acquisition activities. Backlinks are Google’s top ranking signal and they are the only way to increase a site’s SEO value.

Link building has evolved into a true PR activity that involves heavy research, pitch crafting, and a healthy dose of relationship building.

Our team of Los Angeles SEO experts employs public relations specialists who have established a personal relationship with numerous bloggers and journalists around the world. Our clients have been featured on publishers like the New York Times , Apartment Therapy , and ABC News .

As of June 2020, we have a direct relationship with over 3,700 authority publishers in a number of industries, including but not limited to: business services, health & medicine, home improvement, law, pets, professional services, real estate, technology, travel, and location-specific publications (such as Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Seattle).


Squarespace SEO FAQs

Is Squarespace bad for SEO?

No. In the early days, hosted platforms like Squarespace got a bad reputation because they didn’t allow for some of the technical search engine optimization improvements. However much has changed since then. Squarespace has made some great strides and in our humble (but expert) opinion, everything that an SEO campaign may need is provided for by this platform.

Is WordPress better than Squarespace for SEO?

No. Both platforms offer everything you need to successfully rank your website in search results. The biggest differences come down to ease of use (Squarespace is easier to administer than WordPress) and functional flexibility (WordPress is more customizable). If you are unsure which platform to use, we are more than happy to consult you on the appropriate solution for your business needs. Just drop us a line .

Is Squarespace secure for ecommerce?

Absolutely. We would argue that Squarespace is more secure than WordPress because it requires zero maintenance and it is not open-source, which makes it less vulnerable to individual attackers. You also get a free SSL certificate with your subscription, which is a really nice bonus.

Is it easier to use Squarespace than WordPress?

Yes. One of the best things about Squarespace as a platform is that it allows you to easily administer your website. The backend is intuitive and allows you to easily build pages, write blog posts, manage your inventory, and do all the common things that most website owners can do with WordPress.

Do you offer Squarespace SEO consultant services?

Yes. You can schedule a one-hour Squarespace SEO consulting session with us. This is a great option if you need expert answers to questions about your current site or if you need insights to make the right decision regarding using Squarespace as the platform for your future business website.


A brief conversation will highlight why we are your best digital marketing partners for growing your Squarespace website traffic & revenue.